Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mwen grangou= I am hungry!

Nothing I will write here will do justice to the way I feel… But here’s my attempt to showing you my broken heart.

Today was water truck day.  What broke my heart today wasn’t the garbage we were surrounded by, it wasn’t the little children walking on rocks and glass barefoot, it wasn’t the strong smell of sewer and garbage that almost made me gag, it wasn't seeing a little cat that was some day going to be someone's dinner...(I love animals)

It was one statement from a little boy saying “Mwen grangou! (I am hungry!)”

Two simple words in Haitian that shredded my heart to pieces, yet again. I could do nothing! Absolutely nothing about this little child being hungry. So many of them are constantly hungry and we just can’t meet all that need.

I can’t help but wonder when is the last time some of these people didn’t feel hungry? When did they eat their last meal? And how can I feel so heartbroken about all this now and go back to my life in US and throw away even an ounce of food? Do we even know what being hungry really means? I don’t know about you but when I am hungry, I eat. That is not often an option for a lot of the people here.

God, what are you trying to teach me??? What is my part in all this??? Open my eyes, break my heart, use me for Your glory!!

And so today I loved on these kids like never before. I held them, spun them around, sang with them, danced with them and kissed them like never before. I didn’t care they were dirty and naked…all I cared about was the little hands stretched up high, the little eyes filled with pain, their little frail bodies, often times covered with small or big wounds. For a few minutes I tried to make them feel like they were the most important in the world because when I was holding them, they were the most important in the world, to me!

Thank you all for your prayers and support.  Please continue to pray as tomorrow we will be going to a new hospital. Prayers for God’s protection, for us to stay healthy, for courage to serve in circumstances that will most likely take us far outside our comfort zone. We are here to be His hands and feet. Pray for the strength to do just that.

To God be the glory!!

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